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Urban Feline Australia Cat Fostering Agreement 

This agreement is a contract between Urban Feline Australia (also known as UFA) and the below foster carer in relation to the ongoing care of animals owned by Urban Feline Australia.
I understand that my services are provided strictly in a voluntary capacity as a volunteer, and without any expressed or implied promise of salary, compensation, or other payment of any kind.

I understand and support the mission of Urban Feline Australia (also known as UFA), which is to provide shelter and care for animals and to be advocates for animals as they cannot speak for themselves. 

I acknowledge that any foster animal is the property of Urban Feline Australia and I will return the foster animal to Urban Feline Australia if I am requested to do so. 

I understand that Urban Feline Australia expects high standards of moral and ethical treatment of the animals under its care. I will adhere strictly to these standards in my capacity as a volunteer. This includes but is not limited to: A fully balanced diet appropriate to age, veterinary care when required, ensuring your foster is physically and emotionally ready for listing. 

I understand that I am personally responsible for any and all financial expenses that I incur while fostering animals for Urban Feline Australia unless otherwise agreed in writing. The exception to this are expenses that relate to medical expenses - these are covered by Urban Feline Australia. Furthermore, Urban Feline Australia may reimburse expenses, provided that each expense is supported by receipts and must be pre approved by Urban Feline Australia.

I accept full responsibility for any expenses incurred by me that fall outside of approved expenditures.

I agree to not leave Urban Feline Australia 's foster animals in anyone else’s care unless that person is pre approved by Urban Feline Australia.

I understand that Urban Feline Australia cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the temperament, behavior, or health of foster animals that I may handle.

I am aware that foster animals may cause damage to my personal property, other animals, and humans. 

I understand that the handling of animals and other volunteer activities may place me in a hazardous situation and could result in injury to me or my personal property.

On behalf of myself, and my heirs’ personal representatives and assigns, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify and hold Urban Feline Australia and its directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all claims, causes of action and demands of any nature, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in connection with my volunteer activities.

I understand that public relations is an important part of a volunteer’s activities and I authorize Urban Feline Australia to use any photographs I take for public relations purposes. 

I agree that I will not commence fostering with any other organization while fostering for Urban Feline Australia. 

I agree to keep in regular contact with Urban Feline Australia and ask for help or advice when required. 

I agree to keep my foster animals solely indoors with the only expectation being a secure cat run, unless otherwise stated. 

I agree that all introductions to other foster animals or resident animals will be conducted via a slow introduction in a safe manner for all animals involved.
By clicking submit I hereby acknowledge the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them during the entire time I am fostering animals for Urban Feline Australia. By clicking submit, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to Urban Feline Australia’s terms and conditions and agree to abide by them during the entire time I am fostering animals for Urban Feline Australia. 

By clicking submit I agree that the information I have provided to UFA is true and accurate.

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