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Urban Feline Australia Cat Surrender Agreement 

This agreement represents a contract between Urban Feline Australia ( also known as UFA ) and the below mentioned person (s) in regards to the below mentioned animal.
You agree that the below animal is owned by and registered to yourself and or a member of your family and everything you have told UFA regarding this animal is true and accurate.
You understand that from the moment you click submit you are relinquishing your rights to the below animal and from this date forward the below animal will become the legal property of UFA.
As part of the surrendering process, you agree to provide UFA with any documents, registration information and previous medical / vet history that relates to the below animal when requested.
You understand that any future contact with UFA regarding the whereabouts of the below animal will be on a case by-case basis and UFA is under no obligation to release related information.
You understand that if you wish for the animal to be returned to your care at a future date you will be required to pay any costs associated with the necessary vet work that is required by law to adopt the animal into your care.
You understand that all animals must be up to date with their vaccinations and have had an F3 / F4 vaccination in the past 12 months prior to being surrendered for their own protection.
You understand that all animals surrendered must be desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and flea and worm treated prior to being surrendered to UFA. If this has not been completed you agree to cover the cost of this expense.
The hardest part of what we do is finding the funds to pay for vet bills, supply quality food to the animals in our care and just generally keep the doors open. By clicking submit you agree to make a minimum $50 donation via bank transfer prior to surrendering your animal(s), to go towards their ongoing care.
By clicking submit, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to Urban Feline Australia’s terms and conditions and that the information you have provided to UFA is true and accurate.

Thanks for trusting us with the care of your beloved furry feline friend !

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