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Urban Feline Australia Cat Sitting Agreement 

This agreement is a contract between Urban Feline Australia (also known as UFA) and the owner in relation to cat sitting or cat boarding of the below-mentioned animal(s).
You agree that the fee for cat sitting or cat boarding is $15 per day per cat and the whole amount is to be paid to Urban Feline Australia in full prior to commencement of cat sitting / cat boarding. Unless otherwise stated.
If you need to extend the cat sitting stay then the additional amount owed to UFA must be paid to UFA in full prior to collecting your animal(s).
By clicking submit you declare that your animal or animals are in good health, they have been recently inspected by a vet and are up to date with their F3 / F4 vaccinations.
You agree that to the best of your knowledge your animal or animals are not carrying any infectious diseases that can be passed on to other cats housed at UFA.
You agree that in the unlikely event your animal or animals are seriously injured by another cat while in our possession, if deemed liable, UFA will cover the cost of any medical treatment.
You agree that UFA will not administer any medical treatment or seek any vet assistance without first contacting the below animal(s) owner or emergency contact and first getting permission to do so.
You agree that Urban Feline Australia cannot be held liable in the unlikely event that your animal or animals pass away from illness or natural causes.
You understand that in the unlikely event that your animal or animals get sick that UFA will do absolutely everything in their power to nurse them back to full health.
By clicking submit, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to Urban Feline Australia’s terms and conditions and that the information you have provided to UFA is true and accurate.

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